René Breuel loves books, life, comedies, lunch, his wife Sarah, his kids Pietro and Matteo, and his grandma’s amazing pineapple pie.

He is the author of The Paradox of Happiness, which has been published also in Italian and in Portuguese. At the moment he is working at comedy screenplay for the Italian cinema titled Basta Mammoni.

René has a Master of Studies in Creative Writing from Oxford University and a Master of Divinity from Regent College in Vancouver, Canada.

In 2012 he brought to life a long-time dream: to start a church that seeks to contribute to Rome’s spiritual, social, and cultural flourishing, Hopera. As its lead pastor, he provides vision for the congregation and teaches at its Sunday services.

In 2019 he has given birth to Hopera’s Creative Collective, an incubator for initiatives that seek to contribute to the common good in creative ways.