For Spacious Hearts & a Thoughtful Faith

If you’re like me, you want to live well. You long to find your calling, nurture great relationships, and leave a contribution.


It explains that our problems will be solved by technology and technique. It peddles a thousand products that, while useful, do not mend our souls. If we’re not careful, the noise around us can shrink our hearts and standardize our thinking.

Where to go? Who to listen to? Some of the greatest thinkers in history have written about the good life. We can benefit from all kinds of ideas and proposals. In my view, however, one of them stands out.


My passion is to help people glimpse a better way.

I fell in love with Jesus’ vision for life. And I love to help people – especially folks who do not embrace the Christian faith – find purpose and hope through it.

One way I try to do that is through Hopera, a church in Rome that has become like extended family. An amazing group of people helped my wife and I start it in 2012. The weekly encounter between people, God, and a secular city has been a beautiful thing to watch.


The other half of my vocation is to write.

First I wrote The Paradox of Happiness and started a global community of writers called Wondering Fair, where for a few years we crafted articles about themes ranging from atheism to elephant art.

These experiences made me realize I wanted to pursue this calling further. I had been trained in business at FGV – Sao Paulo and had a Master of Divinity from Regent College, Canada. When I received the opportunity of attending Oxford University’s Master of Studies in Creative Writing, I enjoyed it like a kid that goes to Disney (the libraries! The pubs!). That experience gave me inspiration to try my hand at new projects and genres.  


And the best part.

I’m married to an outstanding woman named Sarah and I’m the father of Pietro and Matteo. Sarah chaired the Lausanne 2016 Younger Leaders Gathering and is currently the director of Revive Europe.  

I’d love to hear from you.

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I try to provide food for thought also through a regular column.

All best,

René Breuel