René Breuel’s next projects aim at helping those who do not embrace the Christian faith glimpse its vision for life through fresh angles - and have some laughs along the way.


Mom is Mine is a screenplay for the Italian cinema about a law that threatens to expel all men over 30 from their parents’ home. Who wants to saw no to free rent, amazing cooking, and mamma’s round-the-clock pampering?

The law is proposed by Trump-wannabe Senator Fellini and is raptly welcomed at the Italian Senate. Single women – tired of searching for serious men and encountering only big babies – love the law too.

But don’t despair, mamma’s boys: moms and sons will fight the law and defend their codependency with all their might. Which side will win?

Mom is Mine was René Breuel’s first year project at Oxford University’s Master of Studies in Creative Writing. He had never thought of writing for the cinema. But after classes on dramatic writing, the idea occurred to him on a flight back to Rome – and put a big smile on his face.


René is also working at a personal narrative about his experience of becoming a father and being a pastor in a city – Rome – where priests do not usually have children. The story explores his fears, foibles and mistakes as he gasped for air and tried to remain sane in the period between the births of his two sons and a new church community.